Sunday, 5 June 2016

White, Grey, Black - Why do SEOs wear so many Hats?

Long ago, only a handful of  SEO tactics were defined by search engines. Now, SEO tactics are defined and controlled by big daddy of search engines, none other than Google. So it's definitely necessary to know what to do and what not to do as an SEO analyst.

white hat black hat and grey hat

Have you heard of different SEOs Hats? Do you think that SEO's actually wear hats? If not then get to know more about SEO Hats by clicking on the link.  A hat color is nothing but simple tactics that is used to help a site in search engine ranking. The color will determine how pure your tactics are. 


As an SEO Analyst it is your duty to find out what are the ethical practices that you have to carry out when you are working on a site. And also be careful of not using the unethical practices that might give you temporary relief but its long term affect can be disastrous.  

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